About us

   About us

Gymnasium Rissen is located on the outer-west border of Hamburg. The Elbe suburb of Rissen has 15 000 residents. The school campus is located right in the middle of the suburb and accommodates both Gymnasium Rissen and Stadtteilschule Rissen. Our school currently has around 630 students who are taught by a close group of 50 teachers. We are an eight-tiered Gymnasium and usually have three parallel classes for each year level. Nearly all our students come from the two district Primary schools whom we maintain close contact with.

Half of our school time provides full day activities. This means that our students have afternoon classes until 3:30pm up to 3 days of the week. For the higher year levels we also work alongside Gymnasium Blankenese and Gymnasium Marion-Dönhoff. For students in the observing year level we offer a framework of full day support at the school including homework support as well as games and sport.

What is important to us? Our school motto is: Liveliness creates strength. We accompany students on their way to adulthood and promote independence, innovative thinking and good teamwork. All our educational efforts create qualitative, high quality, specialised classes. This is seen in our mission statement. We place particular emphasis on team work and a clear pedagogical concept created via common training and obligatory standard security. Our teachers work together closely in class and year level teams. The use of cooperative learning methods alongside the rhythm of classes in double sessions using the best new media and technology provides a successful learning environment for our students.

We place particular value on introducing our students to independent learning. This begins in Year 6 with the so-called “Training Time” in the core subjects, which is continued in Year 7 in “Project Time” where students work on a group presentation which provides an important foundation for the competitive participation in the middle years of schooling. Training and Project Time are both fixed in the student timetable. Alongside this we offer a study and profession orientation with a social or company traineeship. The great work achieved at our school has been repeatedly attested to in the school inspection.

What sets our school apart? We offer the following specialised programmes and events:

MINT (Maths-Computer Science-Science-Technology): We offer enhanced teaching in the sciences for all students. During the elective subjects of the middle school years there are varied MINT offers providing a high practical element as well as the choice to take part in competitions. Every year, with the help of an extracurricular cooperative partner, we are also able to have the whole school take part in MINT day. We offer MINT for everyone!

Bilingual English classes: In Year 5 and 6 all students have intensive English classes. In Year 7 other factual subjects are taught in English. Bilingual classes begin later in the frame of students chosen upper level profiles. We have chose “Bili for all”. This is not a method of schooling that works for everyone, however we strongly believe that alongside our child appropriate ascension process, it is possible for every gifted gymnasium student to develop above average English ability.

Sport skills development: We provide talented students in Hockey and Volleyball the opportunity to train with the local sports clubs. Our teams in Volleyball are particularly successful and are regularly accepted into Olympic level training from their last round of competitions as teenagers.

Our self understanding: We combine broad and talented encouragement. We are strongly tied to the surrounding area and have many connections with locals. We would like to provide a school home for all students who receive a Gymnasium Rissen education. We provide a strong sense of belonging and transparent communication. Our Parent Council is particularly active and offers many participation opportunities.

We offer three class trips: one with an outdoor education focus in Year 5, a ski trip in Year 8 and a professional trip in the upper year levels. Additionally there are a number of exchange opportunities in Year 9 to schools in Paris/France and Malaga/Spain.